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Why CrossFit ICONZ
Are you looking for a life changing experience? CrossFit is just that. To say its just fitness classes is to do a disservice to anyone looking to uplevel their Body, Mind and spirit. At ICONZ, I understand that your success in achieving your goals is NOT merely a result of how hard you work out, but instead your success is a result of proper execution of several layers of which the work out is just ONE. Join ICONZ and discover how to stay on TOP on ALL Levels. Live Healthier, Fitter and BE Happier.
Extraordinary Fitness
  • Having a PROVEN SYSTEM, 
  • COMMUNITY and 
  • ACCOUNTABILITY are the 3 critical components for success of any Fitness Program. 
  •  At ICONZ, we HAVE the PROVEN SYSTEM. We handle programming, No longer do you need to shake your head in confusion because you don't know what exercises you need to do to get the BODY you want. 
  •  Our Coaches are here to make you the person GOD meant you to be. Our Community of supportive coaches AND members ensure you KNOW you are not in it alone.
About Keefa
Life Transformation Coach, CrossFit Coach, Gym Owner, Competitor, Mom, Author, Friend and Listening Ear.

I LOVE my job! And My JOB is to Get folks to Wake Up and Show Up and Come into a New Way of Being where Stress, Struggle, DISease is a thing of the Past.

I teach people how to Design and Create the Life that they want so that they are NO LONGER a victim of circumstances, but instead are the CREATOR of their circumstances.

Here's What Members Are Saying About ICONZ
  • "I knew ICONZ was the place for me when I came my first trial Saturday and literally thought I was dying and everyone encouraged me to keep going and not give up. It's my second home and my results are awesome"
    Cameron Sixt
  • "I' changed my life at ICONZ, I was used to working with Personal Trainers but this is way more fun and addictive even though the workouts are so much harder than anything ive ever done"
    Heather Hoffman
  • I know it sounds corny but Keefa has this real ability to connect with people so i just really trusted what she said my body would be able to do. That didnt make it any easier, BUT I will say that the fact that this is hard is really a non factor now.
    Connie Stewart
  • Every Workout is a G.O. that means Good One.  I rehabbed my shoulder and Iconz worked me back to getting strong again. We're Family Up here
    Matthew Maloy
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